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As much as we all hate to admit it, winter is quickly approaching. Some of the season's first snowfalls will soon be piling up on roads, and the lakes will be cooling off drastically. However, just because the lakes are cooling off and the fish become less active, doesn't mean we have to stop fishing. In fact, this is one of the best times to catch a fish of a lifetime! 

It is not uncommon during the winter months to experience some very tough fishing conditions. Although if you can withstand the frigid temperatures, then you have a shot at some really big fish. During the winter months I typically like to have a variety of crankbaits and jerkbaits tied on. I also have two other lures tied on that not many would think to throw this time of the year. 

SCOOTER JIG: During the winter months, the fish are going to be less likely to chase a fast moving bait. To combat this problem, I utilize a Scooter Jig. I can drag this bait extremely slow with minimum effort. The free swinging hook design also gives my trailer of choice a very natural action. With a combination of little movement and natural action you can't go wrong. The only thing you could possibly do wrong this time of the year is work the bait too much! Sometimes you just have to remember that less is actually more! 

RIVER SPECIAL: Most people don't think about spinnerbaits when it comes to the winter months. However a spinnerbait like the "River Special" is much more versatile than it gets credit for. We can fish a spinnerbait really fast in the upper portion of the water column or we can slow roll a spinnerbait down in the lower portion of the water column. During winter you're going to want to focus on the lower portion of the water column. Fish this time of the year will be close to the bottom in order to remain warm and not put out much energy. With this being said, if you can slow roll a spinnerbait down towards the bottom and make contact with the bottom, you'll find yourself catching some really nice fish! Bass are opportunistic feeders so if your spinnerbait goes right by their face, they're more likely to react to it. 











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