Nutter Takes Top 10 in BFL All-American 
Accent Fishing Staff Member, Ron Nutter, recently competed in the BFL All American which took place down at Pickwick Lake. Nutter reported having a pretty good practice period and was excited for a chance to qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup. For the majority of the field, it was primarily an offshore ledge bite. However, Nutter sometimes likes to go against the grain in order to find some less pressured fish. Ron reported that he found some shallower dock fish that were of the right quality to do well in the event. Unfortunately as the tournament progressed that pattern seemingly got worse.

After the dock fishing pattern faded away, Nutter was making the long run down to the dam in order to fish the swift current. Nutter reported not being able to get the fish to eat many moving baits, forcing him to slow down and drag texas rigged plastics to catch his fish. On the final day of competition, Nutter had the same story as much of the Top 10. The weekend crowds made it tough to get on key spots so he went scrambling to try and make something happen. When it comes to the final day, you cannot finish any worse than 10th place so why not swing for the fences!? When the final weigh in was over Nutter sat in 8th place. Overall Nutter reported that he was happy with his finish and thanked everyone for the overwhelming support.

Not All Bass Go Deep in Summer - Bluegill Spawn 

With technology and mapping continuing to improve, anglers are getting caught up with finding the fish on those deep summer ledges. Yes it is fun to idle around looking for those magical "dots" on your depth finder. Even better is when an angler stumbles upon what a lot of the professionals refer to as the "mega school." However, it is almost getting to the point where anglers are forgetting that because the spawn is over, does not mean that all of the fish migrate to deep water. In fact, you can absolutely catch a big stringer of bass up in the shallows during the dog days of summer. Here's how and what to look for: 

1) Shad/Bluegill Spawn: Right after the bass get done spawning is when anglers need to start looking for a shad spawn and or bluegill spawn. Shad like to spawn in low light conditions (early morning/late evening) on something hard such as rocky shoreline, lily pad stems, metal dock posts/floats, etc. While the shad are up shallow spawning, they will be ambushed by big bass waiting to get an easy meal. A double willow leaf "River Special" spinnerbait is the perfect bait of choice when faced with this scenario. The willow leaf blades mimic those spawning shad and will easily trick any bass in the area. 

Following the shad spawn typically comes the bluegill spawn. During the bluegill spawn, it is not uncommon to find schools of bass cruising the shoreline looking to pick off any bluegill that may make a mistake. A Jacob Wheeler "Original Series" buzzbait makes for a good choice when faced with this scenario. An angler could also swim a bluegill colored Scooter Jig to pick off these bass. We recommend our Flipping Series style Scooter Jig for this application seeing as it features a bullet style head. The bullet style head shape comes through cover with ease, enabling the angler to put this bait where the big ones live! 

Another thing to remember when it comes to bluegill is that they spawn numerous times throughout the course of a year. This is a good thing if you're a bass fisherman because you will have multiple opportunities to catch bass in the shallows. 

2) Night Fishing: If it is just too hot for you, but you still want to catch bass shallow, then you may want to adjust your sleep schedule a little bit. Launch the boat after the sun has set and take off for your favorite shoreline or main lake flat. Be sure to have your "River Special" Night Series spinnerbait tied on and start chunking! At night bass rely less on sight and more on feel when they feed. Bass feel vibrations on their lateral line that are given off by the swimming motion of bait fish. The big colorado blade featured on the "River Special" Night Series spinnerbait puts off a bunch of vibration making it a perfect bait of choice. The only other option you'd have when fishing at night would be a 1/2 or 3/4 ounce Scooter Jig with a bulky craw trailer. The trailer will give off vibration when worked slowly through the water allowing the bass to find it. 










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